Kathaldi Chronicles Anthology submission information

The fourth book of the Kathaldi Chronicles will be an anthology, Tales of Kathaldi. 

The stories need to take place in the same world as the novels of the Kathaldi Chronicles but do not have to be about the characters from the novels, or even take place at the same time as the novels. 

My novels are epic fantasy - historical enemy of the gods return and must be defeated - lots of humor, too.  There is magic, dwarves, elves, etc, and three races of humans, Grey, black and white. Race is an issue, sometimes, but it isn't the focus. You can read the first novel, Children of Kathaldi, on Kindle Unlimited (or purchase it for 99 cents) HERE.

The stories other authors (over a dozen so far) are writing (or have already written) are very different. One takes place 400 years before the books and features the gods as the only characters. Another is about the bad guys' cleaners - their body removal team and crime scene cleanup guys, I imagine it will be pretty funny. I'm writing a story about the main character of the novels having to solve a murder, and another about the beginning of the bad guys about 500-600 years ago. There will be a fantasy/horror story and more. It is wide open!

At the end of each short story the author can have links to their published works and social media.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions are to be emailed to RonLodellLahr@gmail.com

The short story must be at least 3,500 words long and there is no upper limit.

It must be an original story that has never been published anywhere, including on your website.

I am writing three stories for the anthology, plus editing and doing the advertising. I will retain 50% of the revenue of the book for that. The other 50% will be split evenly among the other authors, with each receiving an equal share for each story.

Submissions are due by December 31st, 2021.

Formatting Guidelines:

Stories must be submitted as a plain text file (.txt) attached to your email or as the body of your email.

Stories must be in English.

Ron Lahr - Author